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—Nug O'Noodle

A guitar doodle, a noodle, recorded in 432hz.  Lots of noodling over here.  But not the catfish kind, because that’s just fucking crazy.

Near McCarren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Near McCarren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Informed, Imminent, Insane!

I’m too livid to really expound on this kill list ‘legal document’ that’s just been leaked.   The language is so frightening, so absurd, so arrogant.  We are in deep shit, people.

Click here to read an Aug, 2012 blog post by a man named John Cusack.  That’s right, this guy:


He interviews a friend of his, Jonathan Turley, who also happens to be a constitutional law professor.  Even though it’s an article written before the election, it is very relevant to today’s news.

Thank you for showing us what real journalism is, John.  It appears that you weren’t kidding.  You really won’t buy or sell anything that’s processed, including information.


This is an updated video simulation of the helical model of our solar system.  The creator has now provided a frame of reference for the spiral movement of the Sun as it relates to the Milky Way at large.  Thank you so much for this, DjSadhu…amazing work!

If you’d like to compare, here is a link to NASA’s website, specifically its slick solar system section:

NASA Solar System

If anyone can find any information in there regarding the Sun’s movement(not its rotation), I would kindly ask you to point it out.

Sure is a pretty site, though, with so many interactive ways to keep your mind and spirit flat!  Nice to see our tax dollars hard at work in the spread of disinformation.

Remember, we are on a journey, not a treadmill!



I Want It Now

So I was just on the subway, heading home.  There were a group of kids, probably late teens, sitting together and having a discussion.

"What would you rather be able to do…fly or teleport?"

Within seconds after one of the girls had asked this, they all agreed that teleportation would be the clear choice.

I was somehow shocked and saddened.  Were they serious?  Really??  Is it that much of a no-brainer?

Unable to resist the mental explosion that was occurring at that moment, I interjected with incredulity, firing off the reasons why flying is the choice:

1.  Speed.  What’s the limit when soaring through the air?  If I recall correctly, Superman was able to fly so fast that he could turn back time.  That’s even faster than teleportation, no?  So right there, the one seeming advantage of teleporting is eliminated.

2.  The beauty, the view, the fun!

3.  It’s all about the journey, kids.

Then they smiled politely and quickly shuffled off the train at the next stop.  I don’t think that it was their originally planned point of disembarkation.

Anywho, I was still flabbergasted and continued to ponder their reasoning, coming to the conclusion that it was just a sign of the times.  Kids today, and their instant satisfaction.

Now get off my lawn and let me eat my pea soup.


(edit) 4. The exercise. Thank you, Iggy!  You should’ve been there with me!


Oh, hell yes.

I just finished watching the live stream of a memorial for Aaron Swartz at the Internet Archive in San Francisco.

Hyperbole comes to my lips far too easily, but this was truly one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever seen.

Every single speaker exuded life force, bubbling over with deep emotion, lucid reflection and steeled conviction. They all sounded a clarion call.

It was a 2.5 hour crescendo of raging love, or perhaps loving rage.

I’m crying, and it ain’t the despair kind.

If artificial scarcity is a glass box, and it is, this kid was Thor…aiming his hammer at that which is locking up information, and accordingly, knowledge.

Let’s pick up that potent weapon he dropped, even if it takes many more of us to lift it.

Let’s once and for all smash the locks of lies and greed, those that are keyed by a fearful breed.

Let’s free the resources of the world, of life, which by their very nature demand to be abundant!!!

Click here for the archived video(excluding unscheduled speakers)

P.S. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve only now heard of Swartz, and was totally oblivious to the impact he had on things that I care very much about. But in twelve days I feel like I’ve learned a lot about him and his work, thanks to many seriously intelligent and caring people like those at this gathering in SF. I think what Aaron taught me personally, more than anything else, is to find the inner drive…even in the face of emotional demons. I will not use his last choice as part of the lesson.

P.P.S I’ll edit this post with a link to the recording of this event when I find it, as it is a must watch for anyone who cares about anything.


Mitzi’s Dishonor

imageOh, Mitzi,  you’ve been a dealer in darkness before, haven’t you?  You’ve behaved naughtily in the past, way before Aaron Swartz gave you such a headache.  Haven’t you? 

See, it’s one thing to hold on to knowledge and deal it out only to those who can pay(I won’t debate the virtues of capitalism here).

It is quite another to coax federal prosecutors(politicians-in-training), no matter how implicit or indirect, to ruthlessly pursue Swartz for this minor and victimless ‘crime’.

But what can you say when an institution of higher learning, one that is renowned across the globe, actually squashes the advancement of knowledge, spreading disinformation and lies instead?

I’d call that the equivalent of a police officer murdering someone, a doctor intentionally harming a patient, a lawyer burying evidence, a DEA agent who deals heroin, etc.  I think you get the point.

Well, fun fact of the day, this type of behavior has happened at MIT before, and it’s happening still.  In an area of study that could have a profoundly positive impact on this world, no less.

Two words:  Cold Fusion

One document:  MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report by Eugene Mallove <—link to pdf file

Now, that’s a 57-page report by a man who ran the MIT News Office at the time.  Dr. Mallove had deep knowledge of the situation, and was courageous and unflinching.  Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, as he was brutally beaten to death in 2004(in an apparently unrelated incident).

Beware, that document is not a John Grisham novel, and it requires focus.  But it’s thorough and convincing, albeit just the starting point.  If you want to see how mainstream science is more like politics, or business, or even organized religion, it is exhibit A.

I’d also like to point out that there were a group of scientists at MIT, at the Department of Energy, and elsewhere that actually broke out champagne when their experiments “disproved” this theory of a low energy nuclear reaction.  These people, including several highly respected physicists, literally had coffee mugs printed mocking the technology.  Even if they were correct(and they weren’t, because they fucking COOKED THE DATA), why would people dedicated to scientific progress be celebrating such a development?  

Adding insult to injury, the two men who made the initial discovery and announcement, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, were ruined by this, with some of their so-called colleagues ruthlessly disparaging them.  

I believe history will exonerate both scientists.

So, after you read about what happened in 1989 and the early 1990’s, you can then start to explore all of the cold fusion prototypes that are in development and actually running today, such as at NASA, the U.S. Navy,  independent labs around the world(Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat, for example) and even at Mitzi’s place!

Disclaimer 1:  I’m not necessarily touting cold fusion technology as the ultimate answer to our energy problems.  In fact, I believe there are several other emerging forms of power generation out there that are better.  It’ll certainly do for now, though.  This post is more of an illustration of artificial scarcity, and the behavior of those in positions of power.

Disclaimer 2:  This is not the only institution of higher learning in which there is rot.  Also, I realize that there are many brilliant and dedicated people at MIT and elsewhere who work painstakingly to make this a better world.  Sadly, unless they are working on technology for weapon systems, surveillance,  or frivolous consumer electronics, their work will likely remain closed off, if not totally defeated(ok, an exaggeration, but not entirely).  Please, good people up in Cambridge, learn about the conduct of the decision-makers at the top, such as former MIT President Charles Vest, and expose them.  Follow the example of some of your own, like Eugene Mallove, Mitchell R. Swartz and Professor Peter L. Hagelstein.

You owe it to yourselves as real men and women of science.


Dear Pauline Phillips,

Rest in peace.




Enraged by the Dying of a Light

Can it be? Is it done?

One more place where we just can’t run?

He saw a fee on things that are free

and refused to pay rent in Scare City.

You world-class teacher, with knowledge sequestered

you’re sorry today, now that you’re pestered?

To those that fight to spread what is true:

may the Swartz always be with you.



This might be the foulest-smelling subway platform in the system.

But I don’t think anyone noticed.

And I’d apologize for the poor camera work.

But I don’t think anyone cares.